Snow Removal

The Association contracts with an independent contractor for snow removal from Wesley Place, Devon Court, and each townhome’s driveway and front sidewalk when there is an accumulation of 2.5″ or more during a single storm.

During a typical snow storm, an initial plowing will “open up” the driving lanes and allow for early morning departures. A second (return) plowing in the late morning/afternoon will clear snow from driving and parking areas. Driveways will be cleared for the return of owners at the end of work days. Walkways will be cleared after the accumulation has ended. Fire hydrants will be cleared and accessible. Priority service will be given to urgent and immediate problems.

It is very important that no vehicles are parked on Wesley Place or Devon Court!

Residents are strongly encouraged to park all vehicles inside their garage, and to move all vehicles to allow for the unrestricted access and plowing of all pavement areas. This is extremely important to the successful clearing of the snow!

The application of de-icing materials (rock salt, calcium chloride, etc.) is not included in the Association’s contract for services. Residents should keep and use a supply of ice melt and a shovel to alleviate troublesome conditions such as wind drifted walkways, etc.

Your courtesy and cooperation is required and appreciated, and very important to providing safe driving and parking conditions for you and your neighbors during the winter season.