The Association retains a landscaping contractor to provide a basic level of lawn care services, including lawn mowing and trimming, and trimming of some plantings. These basic services are provided in order to maintain consistency in the Community’s appearance and to provide some level of “care-free” living. If any homeowner desires a higher level of service, the homeowner is free to purchase additional services from their contractor of choice or may perform additional “services” themselves.

The Association also retains a “Fertilization Service” contract that provides fertilizer, weed, and grub control, as follows:

Application 1 (Early Spring 4/1 – 4/30) Fertilizer & crabgrass/broadleaf weed control
Application 2 (Spring 5/1 – 6/15) Fertilizer & broadleaf weed control
Application 3 (Early Summer 5/15 – 6/30) Fertilization
Application 4 (Early Fall 9/1 – 9/30) Fertilization & broadleaf weed control
Application 5 (Fall 10/10 – 11/15) Fertilization & broadleaf weed control
Also – Preventative grub control may be combined with one of the above applications.