Wesley Place & Devon Court

The Association owns Devon Court and Wesley Place as private roads;  accordingly, the Town of Guilderland does not have responsibility for the maintenance of those two roads.  The Association is responsible for both roads, including the pavement and storm drains, and is responsible for the roads’ maintenance.  The Association’s annual budget includes funds set aside for the long-term maintenance of both roads.

The Association also is responsible for the landscaped circles in the cul-de-sacs.  The Association pays taxes and insurance on this property, the funds for which are included in the annual budget.  These common areas are intended to be buffers between the buildings and are used only for the common good;  they are to benefit the community’s aesthetics and general ambiance, they are not for recreation or for any homeowners’ private use.

Please do not park vehicles on Devon Court or Wesley Place;  the narrow width of either road makes it very difficult for emergency vehicles to move around quickly and efficiently.  This is a particular concern on the cul-de-sacs.

Although Devon Court and Wesley Place are private roads, they are subject to an easement/right of way for the benefit of the community’s utility services. The easement/right of way is 25 feet measured from the middle of road toward both sides, for a span of 50 feet. Please refrain from planting trees or installing other impediments that may interfere with the utilities.

Please take your turn to water the landscaped circles in the cul-de-sacs to keep the plantings healthy and attractive. Also, each homeowner needs to ensure that the curbed areas, the ends of driveways, and the sidewalks at the corners of Devon and Wesley are weed-free.