Maintenance & Grounds

The homes in Chesterfield are not condominiums; each homeowner is responsible for the exterior condition and maintenance of his or her townhome, including the building’s siding, roof, driveway & sidewalk, plantings and mailbox.

The Board has approved specific color schemes for the buildings’ exteriors. Please refer to the Rules of the Architectural Standards Committee for the standards applicable to exterior stains, as well as the other standards applicable to other maintenance issues.  It has become apparent that some homeowners have had difficulty matching stain colors to the Association’s standards.  Consequently, the HOA requires specific formulations be used when mixing stain for the buildings’ exteriors.  Please ensure that you match the Association’s standards when you make any improvements to your building’s exterior.

The Association contracts for certain maintenance services to ensure that the community’s aesthetics remain consistent and pleasing. These services include basic lawn care (mowing and some fertilization/weed control) and basic snow removal. If a homeowner desires additional levels of service for his or her own yard, they may perform it or obtain it independently to augment the service provided by the Association.

The property around each building has an easement ten (10) feet in depth, measured from the property line. The purpose of the easement is to facilitate the movement of mowers and maintenance equipment, as well as foot traffic by other homeowners, including particularly our neighbors in the middle units as they walk around the building to their rear yards. Please ensure that the easement is clear and that no plantings or other impediments interfere with access.

The Association also is responsible for the landscaped circles in the cul-de-sacs and the strip of wooded area that rings the development. The Association pays taxes and insurance on this property, the funds for which are included in the annual budget. These common areas are intended to be buffers between the buildings, and between the development and its surrounding environment. They are deeded to be “forever wild” and must not be cleared for any reason. The common areas are used only for the common good; they are to benefit the community’s aesthetics and general ambiance, they are not for recreation or for any homeowners’ private use.

Please take your turn to water the landscaped circles in the cul-de-sacs to keep the plantings healthy and attractive. Also, each homeowner needs to ensure that the curbed areas, the ends of driveways, and the sidewalks at the corners of Devon and Wesley are weed-free.

It is recommended that every homeowner spray for carpenter ants and termites annually.  Please make every effort to spray in cooperation with the other homeowners in your building – it is neither effective nor neighborly to spray without at least trying to make it a joint effort.