General Information

The Association’s Board of Directors meets periodically and all are welcome to attend. If you would like to serve on the Board, just speak to any member of the Board for information.

The Association’s day-to-day management is handled by Sentry Management. If you have any questions or concerns about the Association’s business, rules, finances, or anything else, please call Sentry Management at 518-783-5000.  Please do not think that you need to discuss things only with a Board member; due to each Board member’s professional obligations and travel schedules you are much more likely to receive a prompt answer or resolution to your question or concern if you call DRM directly.

The Association’s annual meeting is held in December or January. The primary purpose of the annual meeting is to elect Board members for the coming year and to discuss the Association’s annual budget.  Every homeowner receives a Notice of the meeting and a proxy for their use if they cannot attend.  Please make every effort to attend the annual meeting; we cannot manage the Association’s business without your contribution to that common effort.

The Association bills each homeowner for services four times a year. If you will be away on vacation or at another residence during any season of the year, please be sure to let the Managing Agent where to send the bill. Late payments are subject to penalties and interest.

The rules by which the Association is governed are found in the Association’s Declaration and Bylaws.  The rules that govern individual homeowners’ maintenance and use of their individual properties also are found in the Declaration and Bylaws, and also in the Rules of the Architectural Standards Committee.