Exterior Change Requests

The exterior condition of your townhome must comply with the Association’s  Architectural Standards.  Also, any changes made to your townhome’s exterior or landscaping must comply with the Association’s requirements.

If you wish to make any exterior changes to your home such as landscaping or a patio, or maintenance such as replacement of siding, the roof, or the driveway,  you must request permission prior to making any changes.

Please be sure to allow enough time for review of your request before purchasing materials or scheduling the start of work by your contractor.  We recommend allowing at least 30 days for review of your proposal to allow for an adequate opportunity for review and requests for clarification or changes to the proposal.

Please  contact the Association’s Managing Agent, Sentry Management, at 518-783-5000 if you need information about how to to file your request for approval.

To submit a request for approval of an Exterior Change Request, download this form,  then send it to  Customer Service at  Sentry management at service-albany1@sentrymgt.com or fax it to 518-783-1476.

Please be sure to review the Architectural Standards to be sure your request satisfies all requirements.